premium health and energy system for construct 2

Add health, mana, armor, stamina and other energy systems to your game in minutes!

finally, a Powerful and easy to use energy system for construct 2

Below are some cool features you will love!

make anything damageable

In just a few clicks, your spaceships, characters, crates, and bosses will be able to take damage, heal, die and resurrect.


With a simple action, you can switch the invincibility of any game object. Useful when you want your player to be invincible after drinking a potion!


More than a simple health system, you can use the addon for other energy systems in your game: mana, stamina, armor, cool downs, spells,... the limit is your imagination!


For when you want the health of your player to regenerate over time after taking damage.


Health bars, mana bars, stamina bars, you name it! We've included some examples that you can tweak to suit your own specific needs.

Made with simplicity in mind

We've made sure all actions, conditions and expressions are as easy to use as possible. It's really fun to interact with the system through the event sheet, you'll love it!

Why should you use it in your game?

We believe our addon will make your Construct 2 development more enjoyable, here are some reasons why…

Implement energy systems in minutes, not days

Are you tired of reinventing the same health system over and over again for every game or prototype you make?

Are you tired of spending countless hours on your event sheets to add mana to your character or make a spaceship invincible, only to find, a few hours later, that something is not working?

Yup! We were too, that’s why we built this system.

With our Health and Energy system for Construct 2, you can add all sorts of energy systems in your game in minutes, if not seconds, without polluting your event sheets with unnecessary code.

Easy to customize, and adapt to your needs

We’ve designed the addon to be used not just for health, but for a plethora of energy systems commonly found in games: mana, armor, spells, cool downs, boss health systems… and more!

Basically, any energy system with points that can increase or decrease can be implemented using our system.

Powerful and easy to use

We’ve designed the conditions, actions and expressions to make them as easy to use as possible. You’ll love interacting with our system through event sheets!

We made sure to allow as much interaction with the system as possible. Want to play a sound when your character takes damage? Or spawn the next wave when the last monster dies? Want to display a particle effect when the mana is regenerating? We’ve got you covered!

We will help you along the way

You’ll get examples that cover the basics and more advanced features like health bars, damage transfer, armor and mana, and a shoot them up template with a boss fight at the end.

We made sure everything is well documented. Every property, action, expression and condition has a detailed description in the Construct 2 editor. Every example is well commented.

We are also available through email for support and feature requests, just drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.